University of Essex Square 3

This is a VRML model of one of the Squares of the University of Essex main campus in Colchester. This is how Square 3 looked back in 2001. This project is my first attempt of creating a 3D scene. Most of the textures used on the surfaces are photographs I took for this purpose. Some of them are not the best I could use, but I did not have a digital camera to preview my shots back then...
Images of the actual Square can be seen here and here
In a nutshell:

  • Written by hand on Notepad (not with the aid of any VRML graphic editors)
  • The model was constructed on its entirety by use of the four VRML primitive shapes (boxes, cones, spheres and cylinders)
  • Use of proximity sensors to add sound in the scene

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» Available downloads:

- VRML Model
- Please install the Cortona3D Viewer Plugin to be able to view the model