Tank Attack!

Tank Attack! is a fully playable game prototype. The original concept was based on an old arcade game (Tank Battalion). I took this concept and added new gameplay elements. The development involved creation and/or manipulation of 3D models and 2D images.
In a nutshell:

  • XNA application running on Windows (in C#)
  • Retro feel with 3D graphics simulating a classic 2D view
  • AI controlled opponents
  • Single or two player co-op mode
  • Supports keyboard and XBox 360 controller
  • Particle system effects
  • Sound
  • The prototype was developed in less than a month

If you cannot run the game, please install the XNA 3.0 Redistributable (xnafx30_redist.msi), which is bundled with the game executable.

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» Available downloads:

- Source code (VS2008 solution)
- Executable